A major part of my business is building Special Order Instruments for my clients.

This is not a price menu, it is a tool to help describe the instrument that you would like me to build.  I price my special order builds like I price my production builds.  The cost estimate is based on the formula:  (Hardware cost)+(Labor cost)= Price.  I don’t charge for watching glue dry, or finish to cure. I estimate how many hours it takes to build, based on my experience with similar production instruments.  The List Price on my production models are based on the formula.  My prices on Ebay reflect current market values, and most likely will be different than the List Price due to market demand.  Frankly, if the current market values do not support me making minimum wage ($8.25 /hr), then I see no incentive to build it.  You can hardly blame me.  The Formulated Labor Cost is currently set at $25.00 /hr.  which is more than reasonable considering Luthiery is a highly specialized skill set.  This is not a hobby for me, it is my profession.

Once I have a good grasp of what you want, I can source the materials, estimate build time, etc. and provide you with a cost to build.

I utilize the PayPal Invoice system, so I recommend that you have a PayPal account. Use the form below to select options that describe the instrument you want. If you have any questions Email me at : gsmfolkmusic@gmail.com