Gregory Monroe is a self-taught wood carver and luthier who follows what he refers to as “Spiritual Inspiration” in the design and craftsmanship of his Musical Instruments and Folk Art.

Every item that comes off his workbench is unique in it’s own way. Every design is a re-invention of the past. Each has a story to tell, a song to sing.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I bought on E-Bay one of your galax dulcimers .I was surprised how great your quality of workmanship is .But workmanship alone doesn’t make for a Great sounding instrument.You are on to something sir .The volume of the cypress is on the louder side ,the treble is able to bark if it needs to.The balance is good and I can hold my own in a jam session.You are on your way to making a great instrument. The only thing slightly lacking is the stain finish work around the head and tailstock other wise the fit and finish as well as your details are A-1.I’m watching out to see what you’re gonna get your self into next…..who ever thought a Cypress dulcimer????? Ed St.Jean Lewes , Delaware

  2. Im interested in your work. It is very difficult to find anyone who will spend time to build an acoustic instrument with bald cypress. I am starting one now
    and hope for success

    1. I know it is difficult, I’ve been looking for over a year for another luthier that uses Bald Cypress. I was beginning to think I was the only one.

  3. I just glued up the soundboard to the sides. so far so good.
    I post my builds on “Jude Guitars” on facebook. check um out. The cypress build will start showing up soon

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