Welcome to G.S.Monroe Folk Instruments

Source of the “Green Swamp Mojo”

 “G.S. Monroe is a builder of high quality folk music instruments that challenges tradition head on.  Built to last, sound great and be easy to play are what defines his instruments.”  – Don Goguen

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We are currently reorganizing the website, call it “Spring Cleaning”

Instrument Gallery

Artisan Instruments

Cigar Box Guitars

Stick Dulcimers

Mountain Dulcimers

Repairs & Restorations


Vendor Booth

Very Important Folk

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Awesome video.I build cigar box guitars and love this type of music. Live in Orlando planning a trip to see you in Lakeland…Keep on Picking !

  2. In days past there were differences in the folk instruments that were made. Some were made by people like me – rough but reasonably workabe instruments. Some were made by people like GS Monroe – beautifully constructed, clear toned, lovely works of art. I own one of Monroe’s 3-string fretted guitars. I can compare it with a similar (construction and price) guitar from another source. The similar guitar is lovely. CS Monroe’s is light years ahead in workmanship and sound (both pure acoustic and amplified). I hope to get a second Monroe instrument very soon. If you can get to the market, Go! Try them out. This is a gem of an artist right here in Lakeland. Don’t miss your opportunity.

  3. I was very impressed with the instruments I saw recently at the Lakeland Saturday morning show and regrettably didn’t buy one at the time. With your website currently down, how should I best go about it? Are they available anywhere close to the Tampa Bay area?
    Thanks, Patricia

    1. I’m in the process of upgrading and revising this website to include music tabs, instructional videos, and a storefront with a check out.
      Currently I have Ebay and Etsy online and my booth in downtown Lakeland

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