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  1. I have one of your tenor guitars steel string with a floating bridge. DGBE
    Is it possible to string this with a set of fluorocarbon
    Or nylon.. will it project enough with such a small body?

    1. Thanks for the inquiry.
      I have mounted classical guitar nylons on my steel Tenors before without a problem.
      The only real issue that I’m aware of is the tuning. Often with the 23 inch scale length you have to tune it in GCEA to have the proper tension with Classical nylons. You have the same chord shapes as DGBE, but in a different key. This is why Ukuleles are also commonly tuned in GCEA. There is not enough diversity in nylon string gauges as compared to steel string gauges, and you just need to experiment a bit to find the tuning that the instrument best responds to.
      Every instrument has it’s own character and voice.

  2. Hi I’ve been tracking my order, I seem they are held in customs lacking some paperwork. They may send the guitars back to you. My order was for the two tenor guitars one electric acoustic and the other solid body sent to the canaries

  3. Just received my Octave Mandolin. Thanks for the speedy delivery.
    Came with two different gauged G strings is this standard?
    What gauge do you recommend?
    Any problems amplifying this instrument?
    The bridge was also misaligned so is it critical where it is positioned?
    I play Old Time and sure this will add to our group.

    1. I answered some of the questions on Etsy.
      The position of the floating blade bridge sets the Intonation for the tuning of the instrument.
      I slack the strings during shipping to help prevent potential damage if it gets handled roughly.

      The starting point for setting Intonation of the Bridge is measured from the nut back towards the bridge to it’s scale length. In your case it should be 20.5 inches (520mm). You then bring the strings up to open tuning (gG-DD-AA-EE) and check the Intonation by fretting the 12th fret (double dots). At the 12th fret it should be a full Octave higher in pitch from the Open tuning. If it is flat, push the bridge towards the nut and recheck. If it is sharp, pull the bridge back towards the tailpiece and recheck. You should find it to be Intonated within a quarter inch or less from the scale length measurement.


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