You can Customize your instrument in many ways.
You can choose from the following menu options
or request something more personalized.

Available Tonewoods

The wood that I typically use is recycled, reclaimed, or re-purposed.
I rarely use commercial lumber if I can help it.
This menu changes on a regular basis.
Currently Available are:
Florida Cypress (Top Soundboards Only), Chinaberry, Monkeypod, Poplar, and Maple.
Limited amounts of Cherry and Mahogany (Fretboards Only) 

Stains and Finishes

I seal the wood with an unwaxed shellac blend I make from shellac flakes.
The Top Coat is done using AquaCoat Poly Acrylic Satin or Gloss.
I generally use Minwax Wood Stains in my instrument builds
to simulate wood types that I do not otherwise have available.

Laser Engraved Rosettes

These pyrography style rosettes
Burned into the wood using a Diode Laser system
The Client may offer their own graphics
in .Jpg, .gif, or .pdf format

Premium Laser Cut Rosettes

These are premium laser cut inlays
made with a 40W CO2 Laser Cutter
It requires color coded Vector Graphic files