The On-Board Amp Mod

The client has challenged me to modify this instrument (built by someone else) to be able to play independent of external amplification. It is intended to be used as a travel guitar, and carried in a backpack. It needs to be light weight, compact, and self contained. The problem is that the instrument is basically a diddly bow, and has no room for modification as is.

Solution… build an add-on body wing to house a battery powered amp & speaker system.

I ordered a set of 8 ohm, 1 watt, notebook computer speakers.  I think that 4 speakers should work fine.

Next Step is to seal the wood work with shellac, and apply 4 coats of water based Acrylic Lacquer.

After it has been given time to cure good (aprox 72 hrs), I started to install the speakers and electronics.

Here is the control layout.


And here is the finished project.



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